Introductions & Ice Breaking


Please utilise this post to introduce yourself to the community :slight_smile:

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My name is Joseph Hill but most people call me Joe, I am a Program Manager at InnoGames and part of my responsibility is evangelising and shaping the organisation into the Quality Assistance mind-set to help usher in the next phase of QA and approach.

I’ve been in the Games Industry (QA) for over 12 years, I’ve worked on around 27 shipped titles and a handful of never to be seen titles. I believe QA in general is a Swiss Army knife and I also liken QA to being like water, to be able to adapt to no matter what lays ahead.

I believe we’re in a phase of evolution in terms of QA and I believe the Quality Assistance approach is one of the possibilities for the future.


Hi everyone! My name is Aleksandar, I work as QA Engineer at Nordeus for more than five years now. I have experience with all phases of a product, from concept and prototyping, through preproduction and production phase, all the way to stable product with millions of users.

My primary focus is on pushing Automation and Quality Assistance mindset around company. I have also started and take care of active knowledge sharing with other companies.

I believe QA (Quality Assurance, or preferably Quality Assistance :slight_smile: ) heavily evolved in last few years and is now shaking the way all things are done in the gaming industry. Looking forward to seeing how it evolves further, and contributing to it.