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Videos Use this section to share videos which have helped you to gain key knowledge or helped to light a spark in your mind. This can be anything that has inspired you and not purely QA focused Self Learning A lot of what we learn and gain is not by conferences or formal training, but by self learning initiatives. Sometimes its hard to know where and what will help, utilise this area to share and expand your knowledge, who knows what you will learn Articles & Blogs If you run across any instresting or inspiring articles and specific blogs which people should be aware of, use this area to spread the word. Books What books inspired you? This is our sort of “ book club” where we share and discuss books that have influenced us and enabled us to grow or understand situations. Conferences Conferences are a good place to meet likeminded people and to also gain some snippets which will help you progress in not only your career but also your circle. Utilise this space to share conferences you found useful and maybe not so useful and engage in a conversation.
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